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"Energy Projection in Aikido Wrist Techniques" reprinted by permission from the

"Here, There, and Back Again" an essay by Nobuo Iseri Shihan

"Prescott dojo teaches martial art of 'self-development'" from The Daily Courier

"Aikido as a Practice" from the Hong Kong Aikido Association Newsletter

"A Common Sense Look at Aikido" by Yoshio Kuroiwa from The Aikido Journal

Aikido of Prescott Materials:

Current Brochure of Aikido of Prescott

Guide for New Students includes Guidelines, Etiquette, Principles, Glossary, Testing, & Bibliography.

Release Agreement Planning to visit or to start taking classes?  Please print this out, complete it and bring it with you.  

United States Aikido Federation:

New Student Guide  NEW!


Ryotetori Jiyu Waza Demonstration.     Windows Media format.